About The Granary

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Our Food

Updated: Oct 14 15
 Created: Nov 27 13

At The Granary we prepare quality in-house dishes from time-tested recipes.  Our schnitzel is prepared from top-grade pork loins - trimmed, sliced, pounded and breaded in our kitchen.  Trimmings from the loin preparation are turned into our home-made Brats, Bangers and Irish sausages.   Our home-made burgers are half pork loin and beef- for extra flavour and juciness. Our Granary made toutiere is another great favorite to take home and pop into your oven.

All our most popular dishes are home-made. 

Our active & busy kitchen works diligently and with pride. Special requests are accommodated if possible but due to the nature of our
cuisine we cannot guarantee allergen-free products.

Our Environmental Concerns

Updated: Nov 27 13
 Created: Nov 27 13

At The Granary we are committed to being environmentally responsible.  All plastics and paper are recycled.  All waste food is composted.  Because of our diligence, we can proudly say we send just one bag of garbage per week to the landfill.

Our Building

Updated: Nov 29 13
 Created: Nov 27 13

The Granary occupies a building constructed about 1889.  Known as the Goulet Building, it served as a store before being converted to a restaurant.  This clipping from the Eganville Leader of May 8, 1985, shows the original storefront and the almost-completed conversion.  

Most of the building's interior was replaced in the conversion, but the oak bannister and the spectacular pressed-tin ceiling were preserved, and still contribute old-time charm to the restaurant.  We adapted a photo of the tin ceiling tiles as the background for this website.